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I thought I’d do a short post now otherwise the one I write once I reach Istanbul will end up being way too long. I’ve just spent a day off in Edirne, Turkey. I’d planned to go straight from Plovdiv to Istanbul but the other day I had a quick look into the towns I’d been cycling through and it turns out Edirne is a huge place with mass of interesting stuff to checkout, plus some great dishes to try. But first lets go back to Plovdiv…

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Another post deviating from the normal Bike trip format but the sight I visited today warranted a write up of it’s own.

The Buzludzha monument sits atop of a mountain pretty much smack in the middle of Bulgaria. It was originally constructed to commemorate the location of the secret meetings of the Bulgarian communist party from before they came to power. In recent years it has become a popular off the beaten track tourist site although it is a little tricky to get to.

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I’m taking a couple of days off in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, before I set off on the final 450km leg into Istanbul. I’m in a very good mood having just smashed through the 2,000 mile barrier on my way into the city! The last five days from Bela Palanka have been tough as I’ve been trying to manage the pain in my knee. It no longer hurts but it constantly feels like if I push my luck and ride too hard then it will go and lock up again.

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