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Well the first 28 miles of the Thames have been smashed out and I have to say it was much tougher than expected. Walking with a loaded pack and my heavy winter hiking boots (the most appropriate footwear I had for this) took it’s toll over a couple of days but it was great to be pushing myself on something other than a bike. Back at home (we’re splitting this walk into chunks to be a bit more practical with our jobs) my legs are still recovering a few days later.

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I’ve gone a bit quiet on this blog for the last month. I’ve been slowly working on a reflective blog on the bike trip (from London-Shanghai) but it’s taking quite awhile to get my thoughts down in a way that I am happy with. To tide this blog over I thought a little summary of my month back would be helpful for anyone wanting to take a long journey and are worried about the inevitable return. On top of that I’ve got a couple of plans in the works.

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