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Further apologies to the cycling fans! I’ve been smashing through various writing projects during my time off in Hong Kong (putting out 10,000 words a day into various tasks) and catching up on blogs is one of them. Back in January 2014 I headed into the former British protectorate of Somaliland. On the overland route to the country from Ethiopia I stopped in several places along the way, one of the most fascinating being Harar, well known for it’s urban Hyena’s…

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A deceptively quiet side street off of Hargeisa's main boulevard.

A deceptively quiet side street off of Hargeisa’s main boulevard.

Tell someone you are going on holiday to Somalia and you should rightly expect to be called insane a few times. Especially when you mention the fact that you intend to check out some of the desolate beaches that line the Gulf of Aden, the most pirated stretch of water on earth. Now obviously I am not insane (At least I hope that that’s obvious…)  and nor do I have some deep desire to be kidnapped by Al Shabab militants. So what’s the secret?

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