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Well it has been far, far too long since I last posted. Quite a bit has happend, as you may have seen if you follow my facebook or twitter pages, but I’ve finally settled on my next little adventure…

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The Welcome to Brighton Markers

The Welcome to Brighton Markers

Quick post on how my first day went! Smooth sailing for about 40 miles and then hit a wall when my energy levels dropped and I became very aware of the weight of the bike (14kg bike + 36kg luggage). Going to have a bit of a prune before leaving on the ferry on Sunday, I’ve been a bit overzealous with spares (I don’t really need to carry a spare tyre in Europe as I have tyre boots etc.).

About an hour of rain early in the day made me glad of the money I spent on decent waterproofs, the same rain also reduced a half mile sand section of the UK’s cycle route 20 into quick sand but I made it through. Not the most scenic of bike routes but reaching the “Welcome to Brighton” markers was rewarding! A few pictures;

Leaving my home in Kingston.

Leaving my home in Kingston.


Interesting Bridge in the North Downs.

Bit of a big bit of news. In two weeks time I will be departing London on a bicycle with the goal of riding all the way to Shanghai! I thought it made more sense to just re-brand this blog for the duration of the trip (rather than create a new one) as some of you following it may be interested in this new trip. You can see my rough set of waypoints in the pic below.


A more detailed map of the route can be seen on this page, Map .I’ll do another post in the next few days explaining the logistics and equipment behind a trip like this, just throwing out this first post to explain the re-design for now :).

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