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Deep fried Tibetan bread in Xiahe.

Tough old stint down from Tibetan plateau to Xian to make it in time for my visa run to Hong Kong. A short update as I won’t stick to my usual format of a linear run through of the last 8 days as it has been a boring enough to ride, let alone to read, but in summary there have been two 100 mile days, lots of rain, mud, infected wounds and so many car horns tooting that I have begin to lose my grip on sanity…

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Just a quick post to fill in the void before I carry on cycling from Istanbul. I’ve just managed to get my Chinese visa in London which was one of my big reasons for coming back (preceded by my little jaunt to Somaliland in fortnight). Why couldn’t you just get the Chinese visa on the road in a Chinese embassy in a differant country you might ask?

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To make the most out of my trip to North Korea I decided to spend about two weeks in China before and after the trip. I pretty much did your standard touristy stuff, not hugely interesting in the context of this blog, but when I was looking into sights around Shanghai I stumbled on something I’d never heard about and knew I had to head there.

In the suburbs of Shanghai is a district called Songjiang. To promote tourism and attract people out of the centre of the city they embarked upon a project called the Songjiang new city, an ambitious plan to create several villages that are representative of different countries around the world. The first to be planned and built was Thames town, a full village packed with numerous styles of architecture from England, and even a few duplicated buildings.

In the style of Chester City centre, along with a chain pub.

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