THe turquoise Naryn river

The turquoise Naryn river

Well it has been a great week crossing Kyrgyzstan. Within two days Kyrgyzstan had knocked Armenia off the “Best Scenery” top spot of my trip, I’ve also tackled the two highest passes of my trip so far at 3,175m and 3,180m as well as cycling through the “Tunnel of Doom” which has reached fabled status amongst cyclists.

I’ve been getting on great with my new cycling partner Stephen Cunningham¬†and we are now planning our fast race through China due to a change in Chinese visa laws which have shortened our time in the country from 80 to 55 days in which time I need to cycle 5078km, a big challenge.

Thanks to the beauty of Kyrgyzstan this is the most picture heavy post I have ever done so I will keep the text short and sweet where possible.

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