The day starts, yet again, with an early morning wake up call that is not helped by my jet lag. Again I get ready and head to lifts to go to breakfast and get some much needed coffee. I press the call lift button, receive my electric shock, and the wait for the lift to arrive. Breakfast was much the same affair as the preceding day although there appeared to be set Chinese tourists sat at another table. With today’s breakfast we were also given bottles of a green peach soft drink made in North Korea. This stuff was absolutely delicious, they’d do well licensing/exporting it I reckon.

During breakfast our English guide recounted a story he’d heard to us. As you might know after North Koreas strong performance in a game against Brazil in the 2010 World Cup it was decided to allow the following match to be aired live in North Korea. This turned out to be unfortunate as in the following game they were thrashed 7-0 by Portugal. During the screening of the match at a bar, one of the local tour guides had ripped the TV from the wall and smashed it on the floor!

Once we’d all finished we loaded up into the van to head to Panmunjom and Kaesong. Panmunjom is a small village that sits in the middle of the DMZ (De-Militarised Zone) and straddles the border between North and South Korea. It’s main feature is a set of blue huts, inside which is a meeting table where each half of the table is in the separate countries. These facilitate various meetings that are occasionally held by officials from either side.

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